Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks – In Review


Several months ago, I came across what looked like an amazing RPG Product… ‘Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks.’

The cover alone blew me away, but the concept of a book like this, especially because I’m primarily a Dungeon Master, really excited me.

Two weeks back, I contacted the Lore Smyth Company asking them when their Hardcover would be available again on their Site (It’s Sold Out, on their Site, but there is a Hardcover Version Available on DriveThruRPG). UPDATE 4/2/19 It’s Available on their Site Now! HERE & on DriveThruRPG HERE

I’ve wanted it since I saw it.

I then went on to tell Chris The Founder, how I’d love to Review the Product (You can check out my other Reviews HERE)

Though The Hardcover Isn’t currently available on his Website, he did send me a PDF so that I could Look at & Review the Product.

Here we go;


cover ritd 

The Cover alone had me sold on this Product


remark 1

First of all, the Art is Exceptional… Alluring

Section 1 : Remarkable Inns

remark 2
Whitewoods Inn

In this Section, they give Info. about 8 different Inns, Including;

  • Innkeepers & Staff
  • Notable Patrons
  • Menu Specials (Food & Drink)
  • Rumors & Secrets
  • Other Inn Specific Things
remark 3
Thoros Stonestorm (Patron of Gromm’s Aleforge)

This Section is Amazing and Elaborate, and includes descriptions of Inn specific Food & Drinks

Not only that, but there’s 42 Pages of it!

Right away, there’s so much Info. at a DM’s disposal

Section 2: Bringing Your Inns To Life

remark 4

“This section provides everything
you need to bring your inns
to life, and offer your heroes
fun things to do when they are
visiting. Some are presented
as optional rules. Others
are intended to spark your imagination and
encourage you to find new fresh ways to handle
an otherwise ordinary visit to the tavern.”

(Quoted from Book)

This book is so Elaborate (I know I keep using this word, but it is)

So thought out, so thorough

Here are the Topics in this Section;

  1. Disposition (Such as Inn Preferences towards certain Classes, or Races (Including Disposition Levels (Ranging from Violent, to Non-Viloent), The Effects of Disposition, Being Favored
  2. The Innkeeper’s Authority (Including, Gaining The Innkeeper’s Favor)
  3. Security (Including things like The Characters Sensing Danger, The Virtues Of Low Security, Getting Away With Murder
  4. Wealth & Prices (Including things like Poor Establishments, Wealthy Establishments)
  5. Lodging Establishments (Including Common Services, Uncommon Services, Respected Trustee, Exotic Services, Home Base & Long Stay, Postal Messaging (Including Prices))
  6. Work & Training (Including Prices)
  7. Battlemasters
  8. Food & Drinks (Including Common Dishes & Drinks (Including Pricing), Scarcity & Preserving Food, More Than Just Beer)
  9. Outlandish Dishes & Drinks (Including Prices) (Delightful Tea & Drinks, Magical Draughts)
  10. Games & Gambling (Including Distracting Opponents & Cheating)
  11. Extraordinary Games (Including several Extraordinary Games)
  12. Duels & Bar Fights (Including Creating Epic Brawls)

An unbelievable Section (26 Pages of Brilliant Material)

Section 3: Create Your Own Inn

remark 5

“You’ve challenged your heroes to
smite mighty dragons, or restore
honor to the realm. You’ve crafted
backstories and monsters, guilds
and maps to parts unknown. Why
not create your own tavern – the
heart and soul of the adventurer’s journey?”

(Quoted from Book)

Here are the Topics;

  • Structure & Location
  • Unusual Locations
  • Inn Characteristics
  • Decorating Your Inn
  • 100 Memorable Things To Characterize Your Tavern
  • Creating The Innkeeper & Servants (Including Appearance & Personality)
  • Deepen Your NPC’s
  • 100 Story Hooks For Your Inn

All I can say, is Wow (13 Pages in this Section)

Elaborate (Again), Thorough, Imaginative

This Book is just as Impressive as I thought it would be, judging by the Cover, and Concept

I can not Recommend it enough to Dungeon Masters looking to further Deepen their Game Play experiences for their Players… And their selves.

Or just to mix things up from what you normally put in your worlds, whether Homebrew, or Module Etc. based.

Remarkable Inn’s & Their Drinks is Available on their Website HERE

And DriveThruRPG HERE

Also Here’s their Twitter LoreSmyth

Also keep an eye out for ‘Remarkable Shops’ which they recently Kickstarted (More info. HERE) UPDATE 4/19/20 This Is Also Available Now In Their Shop HERE & DriveThruRPG HERE

Image result for dungeons and dragons remarkable shops

I wasn’t paid to do this Review, I just knew when I saw the Cover & Content, it was going to be great

Thanks for checking out my Review!


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The D & D Communities Outstanding Replies Volo Or Mordenk

volo and morden

Outstanding/Informative Responses To This Tweet From The D & D Community











Thanks For All The Valuable Replies! #DnDCommunity



A Look Into ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’, The Newest Book (Kickstarter) From Cawood Publishing


A Look Into ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’, The Newest Book (Kickstarter) From Cawood Publishing

Back on February 18th of this year, I wrote a Review for Cawood Publishers ‘Monsters Of Feyland’ (See That Review Here, Product Available @ DriveThruRPG Here)


I found the Art Organic, and the Creatures within Intriguing.



When I heard Cawood Publishing had launched their new ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’ Book/Kickstarter, I decided to reach out to Writer/Creator Andrew Cawood, to get an inside look into this new project, which is currently 45% Funded after 6 days (Kickstarter Project).

ME – “It must take a lot of work/hours to create a book like this?”

ANDREW – “Yeah, it takes months and months. First the general idea came to us after doing Monsters of Feyland. Then we put together a solid list of potential monsters and began to work on the stat blocks and descriptions. At the same time, we worked with the artist on different ways to approach the book and the art. Then we worked with the graphic artist on a theme to match the art. Once we’re funded, the monsters get refined/edited/more playtesting, new material is added, the artist gets to work on the remaining art, and the layout master gets to work. Then there are the printing and shipping phases.”

ME – “I loved the organic/raw feel of ‘Monsters Of Feyland’, will this book have a similar feel?”

ANDREW – “Yeah, we want an ‘old school’ meeting ‘new school’ vibe. I grew up with 1st Edition and we’re trying to keep some of the best parts of that and add some new elements.”

ME – “Your Artist Travis Hanson obviously takes whatever visions you might have, and brings them to life… How much of what you see in the art includes his personal take on what you’ve asked him to create?”

ANDREW – “I give Travis a description and he does his thing. After hundreds of illustrations, we’ve only ever had a couple of conversations on tweaking an image. We’re really on the same wavelength, wanting to present images that are edgy, intense but still fun and heroic. The reason I chose Travis was his incredible style, for the most part I get out of the way and let him do what he does best.”

Art For ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’

ME – “Will your Graphic Design And Layout be done by Jeff Porter Again? Explain to me your relationship with your Graphic Designer, and briefly how working with one works.”

ANDREW – “Yes. Jeff has been a member of our weekly D&D group, West of the Wood, for years. He’s a very talented guy who not only does the layout and graphic art, but also the videos and much more. As with Travis, I try to give Jeff a lot of freedom to do his thing. Then we negotiate the final look of the book as the process moves along. Sometimes we chat in person, sometimes we text or email. We’re both pretty laid back and honest. That helps a lot.”

ME – “Obviously you’re an imaginative guy, but you also seem to have a good business sense…

What lead you to doing a book on the Underworld?”

ANDREW – “Thanks. It’s at the heart of D&D in my opinion. One of the key elements, like the fey. My favorite all-time adventure series is the D1-3 series by Gygax. Any time a DM takes his players into a cave, or dungeon, or anywhere underground…these monsters could be there. And this book will be more of a setting book than Feyland, with even more resources for DMs to run an entire campaign.”

ME – “I know ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’ is your main focus right now, but do you already have an idea about what your next project will/might be?”

ANDREW – “For sure. We’re working on two other books. A new DM handbook for the DMs Guild and the 3rd monster book to follow Monsters of the Underworld.”


Art For ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’

ME – “Thanks for your time Andrew, I wish you luck/success with your newest creation!”

ANDREW –  “Thanks for your interest in our books.”

You can Follow Andrew Cawood on Twitter @cawoodpublish

And me @Dragon_Ryder7



Monsters Of Feyland – Review


Back in early 2017, I returned to the world of Dungeons & Dragons via Twitter, and the D & D/RPG community.

D & D had really begun to take off, and it was exciting to see.

During 2017 I began creating my own Homebrew content, and vlogging, and even considering Self Publishing my own content.

One of the Independent Publishers of RPG content I did notice was Cawood Publishing.

And though I have yet to buy any of their product, I was intrigued by their Campaign Setting The World Of MYRR. I still am actually.

I stepped away from social media at the end of 2017, and returned this January, and one of the things that quickly grabbed my eye upon my reentry was Cawood Publishing’s MONSTERS OF FEYLAND.


The art of the cover grabbed my eye immediately, and lately I had begun entering several different planes in my Campaign, and had been intrigued by what I had heard about the Feywild.

I replied to one of their Tweets, and they contacted me letting me know about the different versions, PDF, Softcover and soon the Hardcover.

I love Hardcover books, and told them that I am definitely interested once it comes out, and I have some funds. (UPDATE, The Hardcover has arrived!)

A week went by and I decided I’d like to Review the book, so I reached out to them and asked if they could supply me the content so that I could.

They warmly responded, and sent it to me immediately.




Right off the bat, as I say, the Cover is Amazing… It lures you into a Magical Mythical place of unknowns and Adventure.


The ILLUSTRATIONS within the Book were done by Travis Hanson, and I find it to be Magical, Imagination Provoking and Organic.

There’s a beautiful & unique drawing done for each of the 100 Creatures.

Each of which draw you further, and further into the world of The Feyland.




Written by Andrew Cawood, it’s obvious to me that when Andrew closes his eyes at night, he sees other worlds of color and mystery.


Each of the characters are put together meticulously, and are full of life, making the use of any one of them a dream for Dungeon Masters.

And the overall theme is truly mischievous and alluring.








Graphic Design and Layout are by Jeff Porter.

The way the book is set up, makes it easy to use, and appealing to search through


Table of Contents;

  1. Feyland/Advice
  2. Feyland Courts
  3. Monsters
  4. Beasts
  5. Challenge Ratings
  6. Encounters Table


The book begins with a description by Andrew of Feyland, which really sets the stage/brings the world to life…

It also speaks of the Three General Divisions of Feyland, the good Seelie Court, the evil Unseelie Court, and the Wild Fey.


The Advice Section gives insights for the DM, such as how the Fey love to make deals, and will use a multitude of trickery to achieve contracts with newcomers to Feyland, binding them with powerful magic.

And how the Fey are less interested in combat, and more interested in drama, and toying with those who have never been there.

It also speaks of the many ways that one might cross the threshold/enter the magical world of Feyland, such as portals etc.

There’s also a table listing creatures within each of the two courts, as well as a table which demonstrates the Hierarchy of each.

Both sections give a very mischievous/Puck of A Midsummer Night’s Dream kind of feeling to the land.



It’s like I say…


Andrew and Travis, with meticulous care, have brought to life a wondrous world…


A mysterious, and alluring realm.


Full of color, and intrigue.


Beyond the Creatures within, Andrew has supplied you with a Table indicating a list of the creatures by CR Level.


As well as an Encounters Table.


Everything you could ever need, to leave your world behind, and enter and embrace MONSTERS OF FEYLAND.


For More Info. About MONSTERS OF FEYLAND, Reach Out To Cawood Publishing on Twitter @cawoodpublish

For The Product, Go To MONSTERS OF FEYLAND ON DriveThruRPG

And You Can Find Me On Twitter @Dragon_Ryder7

Be Sure To Check Out My D & D Vlog DORAGONS DOMAIN As Well


Xanathar’s Guide To Everything – In Review


I realize Xanathar’s Guide To Everything came out over a year ago…

But I felt inclined to review it after using it quite a bit in my current campaign.


I will only be reviewing the content that I’ve been using, as opposed to the whole book


First there’s the fact that it holds a generous amount of New Character Class Options/Archetypes

3 For Barbarians, 3 For Bards, 2 For Clerics, 2 For Druids, 3 For Fighters, 2 For Paladins, 3 For Rangers, 4 For Rogues, 3 For Sorcerers, 2 For Warlocks And 1 For Wizards

These alone make the book worth getting

As a DM (Dungeon Master) I’ve used several of these new options to create several NPCs…

Such as a Multi Class Samurai/Kensai Monk…

…Samurai being a new Fighter Option, and Kensai being a new Monk Option.


I love this character

Also I’ve made a ‘Horizon Walker’, and a ‘Monster Slayer’, which are two new Ranger Options

Love them both

My Player who plays a Pact of the Chain Warlock, also took on one level of ‘Shadow Magic’, a new Sorcerer Option.

She loves it.


The next section has been huge for me



This includes lists for Player Levels 1-4, 5-10, 11-16 and 17-20 for the following areas;

Arctic, Coastal, Desert, Forest, Grassland, Hill, Mountain, Swamp, Underdark, Underwater and Urban

As a DM this has saved me from having to create my own Random Charts, plus has exposed me to all sorts of Creatures I would otherwise never used.

These Charts are DM gold



There are a ton of new Spells as follows;

11 New Bard Spells, 5 New Cleric Spells +2 Cantrips, 30 New Druid Spells +10 Cantrips, 42 New Sorcerer Spells +8 Cantrips, 30 New Warlock Spells +6 Cantrips And 68 New Wizard Spells +9 Cantrips

These alone, as well, make this worth getting.

This is not a huge book, but is jammed with relevant content

Lastly there’s a whole section on


For such Races as;

Dragonborn, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Half Orc, Tiefling

Also a large assortment of Human Names;

Arabic, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, English, French, German, Greek, Indian, Japanese, Mesoamerican, Niger-Congo, Norse, Polynesian, Roman, Slavic, Spanish

These are extremely useful as names for me can be tough

For 192 Pages this thing is packed and there are other things in this book that I’ve never used as well.

Not bad for 20ish bucks at Amazon