The Tale Of SHAR



by Doragon

The young Tabaxi (Cat Person/See Tabaxi) sat in a chair in the darkly lit study of The Wizard Bor’nae.

The long silver haired Wizard stirred a fire to existence, his back to him.

“What is your name Tabaxi…” spoke the Wizard.

“PEARDO… My name is Peardo,” he replied, his paws shaking as he clutched the arms of his chair.

Bor’nae turned and faced him, “What I am about to tell you, Peardo, is unusual…” the Wizard explained…

…he then sat upon a great chestnut chair, lit his pipe, and began his tale.

“The Rakshasa’s (Another Type of Cat Person/See Ratshasa) name was ‘EMBER BLUE,”.

“Takshasa…” Peardo spoke under his breath.

“As beautiful as the name may have sounded, he was not an easy ‘beast’ to know… He treated his servants poorly, and was basically bored of making money, and slaying those he felt were unworthy…”

The Wizard looked up at Peardo to make sure he was paying attention.

“Alright,” the Tabaxi spoke in response to the Wizards glare.

“But like myself, Ember Blue was a ‘man’ of science… So when he approached me with an idea worth exploring, I indulged him…”.

“Her name was Taxia, she was a beautiful Catfolk (Yet Another Breed Of Cat Person/See Catfolk) servant in the House of Blue.

“Ember Blue had taken a shine to her, though he felt she was below him, and his imagination started to figure a way to have her, where it wouldn’t feel as though he was acting below his stature,”.

And so on a dark night within his lavish bedroom, he had invited Taxia to his chambers, and unbeknownst to me, drugged her wine, so that she would be willing to roll in the sheets with him..” Bor’nae took note of the unpleasant visage of Peardo.

“Understand me Tabaxi, if I had known at the time that she was not a ‘willing’ participant, I would have never gone through with it,” spoke the Wizard.

“Gone through with… What?” replied Peardo.

“The two of them mated–” before Bor’nae could finish…

“…Mated?” interjected Peardo.

“HAD SEX!” yelled the Wizard, slamming his staff against the hard rock floor.

Peardo shrunk back into his chair.

“Anyway, it was to be the first time a Rakshasa and a Catfolk had mated… And immediately, I knew something wasn’t right…”.

“Taxia immediately went to the floor, and started to spit out a dark kind of blood…”

“…I knew if I did’t do something, she would die.”

“And so I stepped out of the shadows–”

“”You were watching?” interjected Peardo.

“SILENCE!” bellowed Bor’nae, as he went to his feet…

…The Wizard then sat again.

“Yes… I was watching… And so I stood above her and casted… Well… Never mind what I casted… And a dark blue light swirled around her…”

“She lived… And eight weeks later, her baby was born… Half Rakshasa, half Catfolk.”

“So the baby is a half breed…” inquired Peardo.

“Not exactly…” the Wizard stands.

“I’m confused,” implored Peardo.

“What happened to the baby?” he continued.

The Wizard faced the fire once more…