The Warlock Hex – Araban Jairaal


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I – Enter Tyedra

Chapter II – Family

Chapter III – Cromick

Chapter IV – Tear Of Asmodeus

Chapter V – The Pact

Chapter VI – Night Watch

Chapter VII – The Brigadeers

CHAPTER VIII – Araban Jairaal


Archus, Hex and Kredon enter the well fortified base camp of The Brigadeers.

Two hundred of more members, from Fighters, to Rangers, to Barbarians and more populate the area.

Some glance at Hex as they go by, but not many.

They seem almost as they’re preparing for something.

Archus leads them to the Brigadeer Leader’s tent, the Dragonborn Eldritch Knight, ARABAN JAIRAAL.

Inside is a large, blue Dragonborn, Araban, wearing white armour, and looking over a large map which has been spread across a table.

Next to him are two Fighters pointing to different areas of the map, and at a back table, lounging and drinking ale, is Shaehun.

“Leading a group of Night Watch Clerics right to our base, probably not the best thing Archus,” Araban speaks without raising his eyes from the map laid in front of him.

Archus is about to speak, but Hex interjects,”It’s my fault…Araban is it?”

Araban looks up, his deep yellow eyes, with tall slight black pupils gazing at the Warlock.

“How can it be your fault? Did you know where our camp was?” he steps forward.

“No… But Archus did, and does, and so it is his fault!” Araban seems to drive this point without allowing for a counter argument.

It is at this point that Hex finally begins to get angry.

“Come Kredon, we’re leaving,” Hex leaves the tent, quickly followed by Kredon who is stumbling a bit in surprise.

Shaehun runs by Araban casting a glare back at him.

Meanwhile Hex is throwing his arms in the air, “Where did they take our horses!”

Shaehun approaches, and clasps Hex’s left shoulder firmly, “Hex, you must forgive Araban… They are in the middle of planning–” she stops herself from saying, “well… Planning for something.”

Hex looks at her his eyes glowing slightly purple, but her calmness, never before demonstrated to him, calms him as well.

“Stay Hex… We’ll have dinner with several of the Brigadeers, it will be good… Quite a feast,” she actually cracks a smile this time.

Hex’s eyes return to normal, “Very well… Where is our tent?”



Some thirty or so Brigadeer gather around the great dining table, with Araban at the end holding up an ale, “To the Brigadeers…” He smiles smugly, and they all drink and cheer…

Food is brought out quickly after, Hex and Kredon are sitting between Shaehun and Archus who seem friendly-ish.

But one particular Dwarf with a long brown beard can’t seem to take his eyes off Hex.

Hex feels mildly uncomfortable by this, but says nothing.

“So you brought that thing into our Camp, did yah…” the Dwarf suddenly speaks glaring with fire in his eyes at Hex.

Araban does not yet intervene, but rather watches.

“Darius–” Shaehan starts to speak, but is interupted…

“And you Barbarian… After we let you in to our Brigade, you up and vanish…” the Dwarf Darius continues.

He looks at Araban, “We have much to do Araban… We have no time to host a Hexblade barer, and a turncoat Barbarian.”

With this Archus stands and draws his bow, pointing it at Darius…

…Darius laughs, “Do it Drow…” he stands and leans his fists into the table, “Do it…”

“Enough… Sit down Darius… Archus…” speaks Araban.

“We’ll get to the bottom of their visits soon enough…”

The Warlock Hex – The Brigadeers


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

CHAPTER VII – The Brigadeers


Standing before Hex, Kredon and Shaehun is The Drow Ranger, ARCHUS CULIVEER.

“Don’t all say hello at once,” speaks Archus as he sparks a stick and rock, and tosses it in the prepared pile of wood and brush…

…it lights up in a roar.

“It will be dark soon, so we’d best figure out a Watch,” he finishes.

“But you’re a…” Hex starts, but stops himself.

“A Drow, yes, but I suspect you’ve seen worse, judging by that rascal of a blade at your side,” Archus speaks with a menacing smile.

Shaehun approaches, and locks arms with Archus, “Archus!” she seems surprisingly happy to see him…

…even Archus takes note, “Hello Shae, good to see you’re still breathing, word had it you’d considered giving such trivialities up…” he smiled again, pulled his bow off his back, “I’ll take first watch,” and disappeared into the trees.

“That–” started Kredon.

“–is an amazing being,” finished Shaehun, who then realized she was making too much of Archus, and turned towards the fire.

“You two get some sleep, you’ll need it, I’m going to stay up, take second watch when Archus comes in,” she speaks without room for negotiation.

Hex looks at Kredon and shrugs, “So be it,” he then throws some things into a pot, and puts it over the fire,”but first, we eat”.


Shaehun joins Archus in a tree which he watches from.

“So who is this guy Shae, that you’d bring him to the Brigadeers?” Archus asks without taking his eyes off the watch.

“A Warlock… Lord of Talabus to be specific…” she replies.

“You know these words mean nothing to me, why have you brought him?”

“The Tear of Asmodeus directed him to find me… And beyond that, call it a feeling,” she explains.

“A feeling,” Archus says with a slight laugh.

“Is Araban at home, or off saving the world again?” Shaehun says with a laugh herself.

Archus smiles, this time softer, “The noble blowhard is there… Every last scale,” they both laugh.


Hex wakes early, and goes quickly into a trance.

Magic that fills me… I know not what your purpose is, or how you might react to serving this blade… I will do my best not to taint you


I know nothing of you Blade… Only that I am bonded to you, and you are bonded to Asmodeus


“Good morning my Lord,” speaks Kredon as he runs his hands through his thinning hair, “breakfast?”

Hex nods.

Archus walks into camp, but Shaehun is no where to be seen.

“Shae will meet us at the base,” he says.

“Base?” Hex stands, and looks a bit surprised.

“You’ll see soon enough… For now, we need to get out of these woods, those Clerics will search them soon enough,” and with this Archus reaches down and grabs a piece of bread from near the fire.


The six Night Watch Clerics, two Elven Rangers and Cormick stand near what appear to be tracks leading into the woods.

“About 18 hours ago I’d say, but they may have made camp,” speaks the first Ranger.

“I still don’t understand why you didn’t join us in Angolo?” speaks one of the Night Watch.

“I need Hex to trust me… By my not showing up, he may have doubts that I was actually involved,” he explains openly.

“Can you take my men in there?” Cormick asks the two Wood Elf Rangers, they look at one another, and shake their heads.

“There’s a Drow Ranger known as Archus Culiveer in there… It’s his territory, and he wouldn’t take kindly to a couple Wood Elves entering it,” the second Ranger explains.

“Very well,” Cormick hands them a purse of gold coins, and the two of them make there way down the road.

“Find them,” he speaks, and the six Night Watch enter the wood.


The Warlock Hex – Night Watch


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

CHAPTER VI – Night Watch


Six Night Watch Clerics stand outside the Usepf Tavern


Meanwhile inside, Kredon has woken Hex, and across the hall Shaehun’s door opens, “Quickly, in here!”

Hex grabs his gear, and joins Kredon as they go into Shaehun’s room.

She’s opened the window, “Quickly, this roof will drop us into the alley!”

The three of them make their way out the window, and into the alley.

Meanwhile, two of the Night Watch Clerics enter the Tavern, and question the Inn Keeper.

In the alley are Kredon and Hex’s horses, Shaehun gets onto the back of Kredons, and they ride out into the street!

The four remaining Night Watch Clerics see them, but are unable to stop them on foot.


Within an hour they reach a thick forest, where they weave their way in and out amongst the trees.

“Did you see Cormick?! I didn’t see Cormick,” exclaims Hex.

“No I did not!” replies Kredon.

Forty five minutes later, they’ve gone deep enough into the forest, that Shaehun tells them to halt.

She dismounts, “We wait here,” she speaks as she heads into the surrounding woods, and begins to gather firewood.

Hex and Kredon dismount as well, and sit on some medium size rocks surrounding the area that will likely be the fire.

Hex is out of breath, “How could he do this… How could Cormick turn his Order against us?”

Kredon shakes his head, not knowing.

“Because that thing is Evil!” proclaims Shaehun as she enters camp, and drops a bunch of wood in the middle of what will be their fire.

Kredon rolls up his sleeves, and begins to set the wood up so that it will light more easily.

Shaehun heads back into the woods.

Hex looks down at the Tear of Asmodeus, “She’s right.”

“Right or not, she needs to pay you a bit of respect,” replies Kredon discouraged by the Barbarian’s outspokenness.

“I respect no one, certainly not the wielder of a Hexblade!” she snarls towards Kredon, this time she carries some dried weed, which she places down next to the wood Kredon had prepared.

Kredon takes the brush and tucks it under the wood, readied to be lit.

“I am not her Liege Kredon,” Hex speaks.

“But you are a good man!” he announces glaring in her general direction as she looks back from whence they came…

…she pays him no mind.

Hex stands and looks at Shaehun, “You don’t need to be here Shaehun… It was the sword that sent me to you.”

Shaehun looks over her shoulder at Hex, “Do you even know why?”

“Well, because you were the previous owner I suppose… But beyond that, I don’t,” he replies.

“He’ll be here soon enough…” Shaehun speaks as she too takes a place on one of the rocks.

“He?” replies Kredon.

She just looks at Kredon, then back at Hex, “That thing never spoke to me… But by the gods, it was thirsty for death, and oh how I fed it…” her head bows, “I fed it too much.”

“There’s something you’re not telling us,” speaks Kredon.

“Well your Warlock here went to bed before I could…” she replies.

With this, Hex sits down, “I’m listening.”

“My brother wouldn’t take no for an answer… We got into a grappling over the blade, and…” she suddenly gasps as a black hooded and cloaked Humanoid drops from the trees behind Hex and Kredon.

“She killed her own brother…” the stranger speaks as he pulls down his hood revealing a Drow.

PICTURE CREDIT – Battle Cleric, Red Cleric

The Warlock Hex – The Pact


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

CHAPTER V – The Pact



Shaehun, Hex and Kredon sit at an off to the side, fairly table.

Shaehun drinks, Hex and Kredon do not.

“I had that blade for about a year,” Shaehun explains.

“But a year was long enough.”

“How did you come upon it?” asked Hex.

Shaehun’s body language changed, became more uneasy.

“My brother… He was captured by an enemy Barbarian Clan… The Nors, as they’re called… But there were too many of them… Maybe 12, or 15… So out of desperation I prayed to our Gods that they might aid me… But none answered… So I prayed to someone else,” with this Shaehun’s eyes look blacker than ever.

“Asmodeus…” interjected Kredon.

Shaehun looked at the large man, and nodded.

“Enter the Tear of Asmodeus… There it was, just sticking in the ground outside the Nors camp… The most beautiful blade I had ever seen… And the way it felt, like—” she explained, but Hex finished her sentance.

“–it was made for you, and only you.”

Shaehun looked at Hex,”Yes.”

“How did you part from the blade?” questioned Kredon.

“Well… This blade did indeed aid me in freeing my brother, leaving some 7 of the Barbarians slain, the two of us fled… We drank, we laughed, we were young again… That is… Until he asked to see the blade.”

“Did you let him?” asked Hex.

“Well… See, yes… But not touch… And this raged him… He emplored me to let him hold it, and I refused… I could already feel its’ darkness filling me from the 7 kills I had used it for… Something in me was changing.”

Hex looked uneasy, “Well… I don’t know about the two of you, but I need to get some rest, I shall get us all rooms,” with this he stood, and went to the Inn Keeper.

Shaehun normally wouldn’t let a man buy her a room, but this was different.

She looked at Kredon, “He hasn’t killed with it yet, has he…”

Kredon bowed, and shook his head no.

“Alright then, each of you have a room, goodnight,” he spoke, and was gone…

…but he would not sleep that night.

Instead when he closed his eyes, he saw the dark blue eyes of Tyedra in the Talabus church.

You Have Two Options Hex… Serve The Tear Of Asmodeus

Or Serve Asmodeus Directly

His words rang through him like a cold knife.


Came from Hex’s door, and when he opened it, Kredon stood in the hallway.


The Warlock Hex – Tear Of Asmodeus


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II

Chapter III

CHAPTER IV – Tear Of Asmodeus



Hex sits in his chair staring at The Tear Of Asmodeus Hexblade

What do you wish from me


How am I to achieve this


And this is all you want?


“Are you alright My Lord?” Kredon’s calming voice came from Hex’s doorway once more, a warm cup of tea on a small plate in his hand.

Hex doesn’t answer, but turns his gaze away from the blade.

“I’ve brought you some tea,” with this Kredon sets down the tea on Hex’s work table.


“Dark Barbarian,” Hex speaks out loud.

“What was that?” replied Kredon.


Hex stands, “I need to find a Barbarian named Shaehun, she will know more about all of this…” he walks by Kredon, “ready our horses.”

CHAPTER IV – Part 2 – Shaehun





The Dark Barbarian Shaehun sits alone, very drunk.

Several empty tankards knocked over across her table.

The Inn Keeper approaches, “Come on now,” he lifts her by her arm, and she in returns draws her great axe from her back, and pushes him back.

“Never touch me fool,” she hisses at him

“I will find my own way out.”

She then staggers out of the tavern.

Out in the streets it’s very busy, many have come to warm themselves from the early winter, but long to return to their travels…

…but not Shaehun… Her traveling days are at an end, though she be only twenty six.

The darkness within her bares too much a load, and so she drinks, and fights random travelers who would dare mess with her.

She’s only 5′ 8″, as opposed to 6′ plus like some Barbarian woman, and leanley tone.

Her skin looks almost grey in color, and her eyes are a dark black.

There’s something unnatural to her, and those who mention it, often pay dearly.

She would die in this town… She was sure of it.

Two unpleasant Fighters approach her, their mouths watering at the thought of taking the girl in an alleyway…

…this would never happen.

“Hey there missy… You look like you might need a rest,” speaks one of them as they approach her.

Meanwhile she is bent over, trying her best not to be sick from all of the drinking.

She raises her axe back towards the two men, but stays bent over, “Leave with your lives… Or die by my axe.”

“Ha, you hear that mate, she’s a fighsty one,” the first Fighter speaks again.

“Aye, we’ll have to work her will from her body,” the other adds.

Just as Shaehun turns to face them, her axe at eye level, a voice echoes from behind the Fighters.

“Leave her,” it’s Kredon, his two handed sword drawn.

The fighters laugh, “Why you’re nothing at all, kill him,” the first Fighter says to the second, who draws his rapier.


“Enough!” from behind Kredon steps Hex, The Tear of Asmodeus drawn, purple light slithering around it, something Hex added for effect.

“Step away, or perish.”

Suddenly the first Fighter’s head is removed by Shaehun’s axe, seeing this the second Fighter runs off.

“I don’t need your help, Warlock… Be on your–” suddenly Shaehun stops talking, “that blade… Where… Where did you find it?”

Hex looks perplexed by her reaction.

“It’s not possible,” she finished.

ART – Warrior Final

The Warlock Hex – Cromick


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II



Hex rides fiercely on his pure black steed, Elvhane.

Riding next to him is Kredon on a great grey stallion, a two handed sword strapped on his back.

The two make good time to The Night Watch Temple, but when they arrive, there is a ceremony happening within.

Four Apprentices become full fledged Clerics of The Night Watch.

Hex and Kredon watch from the back of the Temple Chamber as an Elderly Cleric conducts the ceremony.

By the end two Night Watch Clerics had seen them in the back, and stood one on the left, and one on the right of them.

“May we be of some service?” they asked.

“Cromick… I’m here to see Cromick,” Hex replied anxiously.


“You’ve found me, how may I be of service?” spoke the tall, early 50’s Cleric, with grey hair, a sharply cut beard, and no mustache.

Hex steps forward, “I am Lord of Castle Talabus… Son of Maydren and Ilkay Talabus,” Hex explained.

Cromick simply stared at him, then glanced at the two Clerics at the doorway who were still waiting to be relieved.

He nodded at them, and they departed.

“I see…” replied Cromick.

Hex being wise enough, could tell the mention of them made Cromick uneasy.

“So than you know?” spoke Hex.

Cromick froze, “Yes, I know…”.

“Good… I need your help!” exhaled Hex.

“Ha, I can not help you… Besides, haven’t your parents passed?” replied Cromick who had now poured himself a stiff drink, from a bottle he had not opened in years.

“Can you tell me Cromick, what is a Hexblade?” blurted out Hex.

Cromick turned and faced Hex and Kredon, “This is not the place to discuss this…”



Cormick, Hex and Kredon sit at a table, in a fairly busy tavern.

Cormick orders them all drinks.

“First of all, Hexblades are made of Sentient Magic, which means they have a personality of their own… You will never fully control the powers it possesses, but it may allow you to use it… As long as you don’t piss it off,” explained Cormick who then takes a large swig of ale.

“If what you say is true, it sounds like your parents contract somehow bound either you, or any offspring of theirs in some way… Do you have the contract with you?” he asks.

Hex hesitantly pulls it out from his black and purple velvet robe, and sets it on the table.

“My god… Horrifying… I’ve never actually seen an Archdevil’s Contract so close,” responds Cormick.

“It’s very difficult to read… Almost like it doesn’t wish to be read by any other than those that signed it…” explains Hex.

Cormick doesn’t pick it up.

“My guess is that you’re going to need to accept this pact with the Hexblade,” continues Cormick, “which makes you a Hexblade Warlock,”.

“Warlock?” exclaims Kredon.

“I see you have not told your Warden that you are a Warlock,” interjects Cormick.

“I had not fully embraced it myself,” replied Hex.

‘I will say this, you must not serve Asmodeus directly, for he is pure Evil,” finishes Cormick.


Hex is completely silent during the ride back to Talabus Castle, Kredon right behind him, as they ride at a much slower pace.

Too slow…

Suddenly a dark red fiery portal opens before them, and Hex without hesitation, rides right through it, it then closes leaving Kredon behind.

Hex sits upon his great black steed in the middle of the church, the Asmodeus Tear Blade floating right where he left it.

Ten feet beyond the blade stands the Pit Fiend Tyedra once more.

Have You Made Your Choice…

He speaks ominously.

Hex dismounts from his horse, and steps towards the blade, “Yes,” he says as he takes it by the handle, and screams as his body is filled with dark energy!

He falls to his knees, blood coming from his eyes…

…Tyedra is gone.


The Warlock Hex – Family


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 




Hex frantically looks through all the books on Devils and Demons in his families library.

“Is everything alright my Lord?” asks the Castle Warden Kredon who stands in the doorway.

Hex turns towards Kredon, then in several long steps approaches, and grabs his shirt desperately, his face sweating profusely, “Kredon, did my mother and father ever say anything to you about the Archdevil Asmodeus?!”.

Kredon stared at him, speechless.

“Of course they didn’t…” Hex continued, than released the large man’s shirt, and went back to frantically searching the library.

He then eyed his father’s desk, and tried to open it…

…but before he could say anything about it being locked, Kredon was at his side holding the key.

Hex looked at him, realizing how insane he must look, took the key, and opened it.

“What is it my Lord?”, Kredon questioned.

“Something… Horrible… Something… Monstrous,” he pronounced as he looked quickly through his father’s desk.

“Tell me,” Kredon said flatly.


There the two of them stood staring at the Tear Of Asmodeus Hexblade, floating where Hex left it in the middle of the church.

“You say… A Greater Demon brought it to you?” spoke Kredon who could not fully grasp the enormity of the situation.

“A Pit Fiend… Yes… Named Tyedra,” Hex said in almost hysterics, running his hand through his black hair, trying to figure out his next move.

“You say if it’s true, there should be a Contract?” spoke Kredon methodically.

“Yes… A Contract with the Archdevil Asmodeus,” Hex replied.

“If it does exist, I think I know where it might be,” continued Kredon.


Kredon pulls a secret lever attached to a suit of Armour, and the wall opens up to a solid gold safe.

“In there,” spoke Kredon.

Hex stood there in shock, “Do you–” he began, but Kredon had already begun opening the safe with its’ combination.

Within there was a pile of parchment with a black cover, tied together with silver thread.

CONTRACT, was written atop it in grey ash.

Within the parchment was such an elaborate contract placed on the strangest parchment one could imagine.

It was almost cold like metal, but appeared to be paper.

Without trying to read the whole thing, Hex went to the back, where both his mothers’ and fathers’ signatures were written in blood.

“This is insane…” spoke Hex.

“My god… It’s true,” spoke Kredon in disbelief.

Hex sat on his parents bed.

Kredon looked at him, “How long do you have?”

Hex just shook his head, “I don’t know… Not long… This thing was huge… He literally said he’d eat my soul if I didn’t comply.”

Kredon approached, “Take the blade.”

This surprised Hex.

“You can not make a pact with Asmodeus.”

“I have absolutely no knowledge about this blade…” replied Hex.

“Ask him… Ask the Pit Fiend, he’ll likely have to tell you.”

Suddenly Hex’s eyes lit up, “The Clerics of Talabus?”

Kredon looked at Hex blankly.

“When their Order came to an end twenty years ago, where did they go?”

Kredon thought for a moment, “The ones’ that remained Clerics went to three different Orders…” he explained.

“Cromick… The Leader…,” replied Hex.

“About a day and half’s travel northwest… An Order called Night Watch,” Kredon finished.

“I needs speak to him…”



The Warlock Hex – Enter Tyedra


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

CHAPTER ONE – Enter Tyedra


A dark, shoulder length haired man in his late twenties sits upon the side of a fairly simple bed.

Wearing both black, and purple velvet robes, there’s no mistake that there is magic present within him.

He is HEX, the Heir of Castle Talabus…

…his family home, today marks the one year anniversary of his parents death.

Something that he’s not likely to speak about.

In their honor, The Warden of Castle Talabus, KREDON, a dear friend to the family, and loyal servant, has prepared a special dinner.

A total of 11 of the families closest friends arrive at the castle that night, and a wondrous feast is had.

But try as they might, none of them is able to shake Hex out of the dark cloud that has surrounded him since his parents demise.

A Scientist, and Tinkerer to some degree, Hex spends most of his days in the lower part of the castle, where he studies the natures of things…

…though in his heart, the magic waits.

Late that night, after the guests had left, Hex was once again in his large workshop, tucking his woes into his work.

“Will there be anything else this evening my lord?” questioned Kredon whose large, strong form stood in the doorway.

Hex froze, and turned towards him, “Kredon, as I’ve said, you needs not call me Lord… We are friends,” he continued on with his work.

“It is the appropriate thing my Lord, if that’s all, I shall turn in,” and so he did.


Just as the Midnight Bell Tolls, a voice enters Hex’s mind.


Hex raises his head from his work, stunned…

…he wipes his hands on a rag, then heads to his bedroom where he gets a large black coat… The snow has come early this year.

He heads towards the Churh of Talabus, once a thriving home to the Clerics of Talabus, no one has entered the old church in years.

It’s very dark, but Hex seems to be able to find his way to the center of the faded church.

“I am here… Now answer me, or I shall deliver myself directly to our Doctor,” he speaks.

All is silent.

When he’s about to turn and go, dark blue glowing eyes appear in the darkness beyond… Right where a Talabus High Cleric would be standing giving his weekly words.

Do You Know Who I Am Hex?

Hex stands in silence for a moment, “I’m afraid I can not say.”

Into the Moonlight that comes from through one of the large windows steps a thirteen foot, monstrous grey red devil, known as a PIT FIEND.

Think Hard Hex…

Once again Hex stood silently, but this time, he spoke the truth.

“I suspect you’re a Pit Fiend, Servant to Armodeus, come to collect my soul or some such thing,” he responds confidently.

Tyedra laughs, filling the church with his darkness.

Good… Good

Tyedra pulls a long item, covered in black velvet from his back, and lays it on the floor before him.

Hex if baffled.

“I don’t know what that is, but I can assure you, I am not Evil.” he speaks.

Tyedra uncovers an amazing, completely black, curved blade, but does not touch it.

You Don’t Need To Be…

Replies Tyedra.

With this Hex steps forward towards the Pit Fiend, unphased by his horrific friends terrifying appearance.

Tyedra takes three loud steps back, his feet more like hooves.

Hex kneels down before it, “This is magnificent,”.

Tyedra smiles slightly.


Hex stands and looks at him, “But why are you here, er”…


“Tyedra… I’m not sure what any of this has to do with me?” Hex speaks perplexed.

It Has To Do With Your Parents Hex…

Hex glares in disbelief at Tyedra.

“They weren’t Evil either,” he retorts.

No… But They Did Serve Asmodeus

Hex’s head started to spin, but he maintained, “Archdevil of the 9 Hells? Are you insane…” he knew of course this was no question for a Greater Devil.

Hex turned to leave but the ebony blade was there floating before him.

You Have Two Options Hex… Serve The Tear Of Asmodeus

Hex turned back, “Tear Of Asmodeus?” he questioned.

Tyedra Stepped towards him.

Yes… The Blade Before You Is A Hexblade Of Asmodeus’s Making

“Hexblade?” Hex found himself merely repeating Tyedra at this point.

Tyedra now stood right before Hex, his dark blue glowing eyes cast down upon him.

Or Serve Asmodeus Directly, Per Your Parents Contract

Hex had no answer… He’d gone sheet white.

Suddenly a dark red firey gate opened behind Tyedra, and he turned and stepped towards it.

Or I Will Eat Your Soul…

And he was gone…

…Hex fell to his knees, tears going down his cheeks, the sword once again before him, floating… Waiting.