Villains (Part I)

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Whether in Film, Writing or Roleplaying Games…

I can not express the importance of good Villians.


My favorite Villain of all times, is DARTH VADER.

Could you imagine for a moment what those Original Star Wars Films would have been like without him…

I can not.

The same goes for LORD OF THE RINGS, such amazing Hero characters in those Stories… But without SAURUN, SARUMAN, the DARK RIDERS the list goes on and on.

My theory is this… A Story where there is a good guy, and a bad guy, can only be as good as the bad guy.

Because, who cares if some amazing Hero, defeats a lame bad guy.

And when I say ‘lame’ bad guy, I don’t mean a bad guy whose written to be lame on purpose, which can be hilarious.

But this is an RPG/Dungeons & Dragons Blog, so lets focus on that.

What inspired me to write this article was that I was reflecting on the Villains I’d thrown at my Campaign Group so far.

Had I followed my own theory?



The first true Villain in my current campaign, was SAUKURUK (Auril), Goddess of Winter.

Auril (pronounced: /ˈɔːrɪlAW-rill[7]), also known as The Cold GoddessThe Frostmaiden,[3] Icedawn[4], and the Goddess of Winter,[13] was a fickle, vain, and evil deity, who was primarily venerated out of fear.[7] The few among the Iulutiuns of the Great Glacier who worshiped her called her Saukuruk.[5] She was additonally seen as being synonymous with the Queen of Air and Darkness by some communities of fey, such as those of the Shiverpine Forest in the Deep Wilds.[16]

Taken from FORGOTTEN REALMS, I weaved her into our storyline, even though our Characters at the time were not all that high a level.

This made her very scary.

But more than that, I made her slightly mad, and obsessed with bringing our Warlock Leader under her wings as a Priestess of Auril (This was her undoing), all while trying to achieve her plan of turning the Hill Region of VARAMORE (Homebrew Land) into an ice covered realm under her control.

Her madness, her power and more than anything, her unyielding attempts to get into our Warlock’s head, and lure her into the darkness that would be a Priestess of Auril.

It went really well, so much so, that even once Saukuruk was gone (Banished to my Prison Plane, Dark Plane), every time we’d go to a snowy region, our Warlock feared she would return, or was watching her.

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The next true Villain in the Campain, was the Greater Fire Elemental EFREEN… Or what I would call, a Fire Lord.

Our Warlock’s Patron is a Greater Water Elemental (Or, Water Lord), by the name of ARIEDEN.

Efreen was Arch Enemies with Arieden many years back, and upon seeing the rise of his influence in the Material Realm (There are two Material Planes in my World, my Homebrew, and Faerûn) via his Warlock, decided it was time to strike back at the foe who’d stopped him once before from terrorizing the Material Plane.

He did this by approaching the General of Saukuruk’s Large Orc Army, an Oathbreaker Paladin named HUNTER DANE, whom was left without a cause after Saukuruk’s Banishment, and lured him to serve Efreen.

The whole Water vs. Fire aspect of this Enemy, coupled with the fact that it was truly an opportunity for the Warlock Leader to show her Patron that his enemies, were her enemies, made this a great Villain.

For the sake of brevity, I shall continue the Analysis of my Campaign’s Villains in a Second Post!

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